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Belize Weather

The weather across the country of Belize can vary greatly from district to district and while the coastal areas may be enjoying a day of clear blue skies and high temperatures, the mainland – and in particular the hill areas – can have more cloud cover and be prone to rain. Below is the general weather forecast for Belize which is taken inland at the International Airport, together with readings from two local weather stations on the Cayes.

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Belize has a tropical climate with two main seasons. Officially, the dry season runs from December to May and is the peak time for tourists traveling to the country.  However, as I have said before The Belize Vacation Guide is my personal view, and from experience December and January are when we see the most cold fronts and so temperatures are generally lower and it is likely to rain at some point during your vacation in these months.  For those considering water sports such as wind or kite surfing then the months of February and March will probably be the best choice when the winds are at their best.

June to November is considered the rainy season with the possibility of hurricanes, but don’t be put off traveling during these month, especially June and July.  August can get very hot, and the breeze drops considerably so if you don’t like hot, humid weather you probably want to avoid that month.  If you do decide to visit during this time I would recommend you purchase travel insurance  and if warnings are issued take the local advice for the area you are staying. Hurricane tracking is now very sophisticated and you will have time to take appropriate action.

Remember that at any time the sun in Belize is very strong and you can easily burn even on a cloudy day.  You should always wear sunscreen and you may want to consider one that includes bug protection.  My personal favourite is Avon’s Skin-so-Soft range, but remember to bring this with you as it not sold in Belize.